Web-based manufacturing software to run
your plant efficiently.


Every manufacturing company is faced daily with how do we become more efficient? With today's workforce this question is one that should be at the top of all business executive's minds. Software provides that opportunity to break the old habits of tribal knowledge, workarounds, legacy software restrictions, and non-value added tasks. What is unknown with most software endeavors is truly finding that perfect system to handle your current & future growth needs. We found that with Repathis not only do they offer the software solution for all levels of your growth, but they also bring 35+ years of manufacturing/software experience into play. This makes your software journey value added on day one with not having to educate your software partner on "how" you do business.

Solid Comfort has experienced double digit growth every year for the past few years and without the trusted relationship with Repathis and the Revive software solution we would not have experienced this successful growth as quickly as we have.

Ryan Larkin Vice President

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Repathis is a software development company located in Fargo, ND. We specialize in providing intuitive, efficient, and cutting-edge solutions to the manufacturing sector. Our solutions are designed to achieve maximum efficiency across your business.