Why Revive's Production Module?

Visibility to your production floor gives you the ability to track data and make changes to improve your production levels. Revive’s Production Module brings not only high visibility to the production floor but has a variety of tools that will help you decide exactly where to make beneficial changes to the production floor.

Having the visibility on your production floor is just the beginning of what Revive’s Production Module capabilities are.

Revive’s Production Module is not only a view into what is happening in real-time but has the ability to look at past trends and stats to prepare for continuous improvement initiatives, keeping you ahead of the competition.



The ability to have real-time displays at your computer and on the production floor gives you an entirely different view of what is happening on the floor. Our comprehensive production display can be placed strategically on a large screen in the plant where managers are able to see all of their lines/stations at a quick glance.

  • Goal Boards
  • Production Displays
  • Station Displays
  • Part Call Displays


Part of having an effective production team is being able to keep your stations up and running as long as possible. Revive Production stations bring you the ability to not only track labor stops and starts, but also send part calls from the stations to inventory, pull up work instructions for assembly specifications directly on screen and place help calls to management staff with the ability for reason codes/note resolutions . All this valuable information fuels the production analysis reports that allows you to make informed decisions about your business.

  • Labor Tracking
  • Help Calls
  • Reason Code Entry
  • Part Calls
  • Work Instructions


Have the ability to analyze your production data with various parameters, to find truly advantageous information to help your company decide what changes are needed to make your production floor even more profitable and eliminate waste.

  • Production Area Summary
  • Help Call Analysis
  • Part Call Reporting